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R O U N D  W E A T H E R

  Wind over Water 

         September 3 - October 23, 2021

         Reception: Saturday September 11, 3-6 PM

          Viewing Room

Wind over Water is an exhibition that considers art as a meditation device and/or spiritual practice.  It includes meditative works by Shelley Hoyt, Rumi Koshino, Maisin artists, Nkiruka Oparah,

Yulia Pinkusevich, Jesse Schlesinger, Elizabeth Sims, Andrew Sungtaek, Paul Taylor, and

Rosie Lee Tompkins.


The exhibit’s title takes inspiration in the above artwork by Colter Jacobsen.  He focuses our attention onto how the words and ideas for Wind, Water, Mind, and Matter mirror each other, resulting in a pulsing of being, an evocation of spiritually- or metaphysically-infused highlights of language and visual art.  Gabriela Gonzalez Leal writes, "I look at art as a vehicle for meditation. [...] It leads the viewer to reflect on other realities."  Reflect on other realities, the artists of Wind over Water do.  As well as meditate upon the one at hand. 

Names (above and below) link to Artists' Statements.




      Shelley Hoyt, 5D/2, 2021,

mixed media, 20.5 x 13.5 x .5 in.


    Rumi Koshino, Untitled, 2015, paper, 12 x 5 in. 


Maisin artist, Untitled, mid-1990s,

tapa cloth & natural dyes, 51 x 43 in. unframed

NKIRUKA-Poetics of Reverie  (2).jpeg

Nkiruka Oparah, Poetics of Reverie, 2014, digital collage on archival paper, edition of 5, 18 x 24 in. framed 

Spirit Animals Framed Final.jpg

Yulia Pinkusevich, Spirit Animals, 2021, pastel & acrylic on Fabriano Artistico paper over panel, 49 x 58 in. framed 


   Jesse Schlesinger, Untitled, 2019,

oak & kakishibu, each block 6 x 6 x 2 in.

Sims __ Stromalolith.jpg

Elizabeth Sims, Stromatolith, 2019, watercolor, digital processes, arhival print, 26 x 38 in. unframed

My Body is a Temple (1).jpg

    Andrew Sungtaek, My Body is a Temple, 2020, concrete, foam, epoxy, wood, clothing, water pump, wig, 45 x 22 x19 in.  


  Paul TaylorDisappearing Suit: Joaquin Miller #1, 2020, archival inkjet print, edition of 5


  Rosie Lee Tompkins, Untitled, 1980, cotton & polyester, 63 x 38 in. 

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