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R O U N D  W E A T H E R

  The Other Side of Time

  Sholeh Asgary, Ali Dadgar, Taraneh Hemami, Shirin Towfiq

         March 18 - May 27, 2023

         Reception: Saturday March 18, 3 - 6 PM   

            Performance by Sholeh Asgary, Saturday April 8, 5 PM

           Audio Archive Booth appointments:

            Viewing Room 

The Other Side of Time is an exhibition of artwork by Sholeh Asgary, Ali Dadgar, Taraneh Hemami, and Shirin Towfiq, whose boundless formal inquiry and expressive power answer many calls, including that of Iranian poet Forugh Farrokhzad, who writes amid "In Night's Cold Street,"


It’s as if my heart flows

On the other side of time.

Life will echo my heart,

And the dandelion seeds sailing

The wind’s lakes will recreate me.


Edward Said would likely recognize much of the exhibition as out of place, a deconstructive phrasing that places loss and belonging at core.  Focal points include the quintessentially diasporic form that is collage and the kinds of homecoming that occur when the Arabic and Persian languages enter a work of art.  The Other Side of Time is where individual imagination and voices may move with freedom and as collectives, thus gathering strength to build an infinitely less shadowed world on this side.  The artworks here assembled by Asgary, Dadgar, Hemami, and Towfiq are all on life’s side.


Screenshot 2023-02-01 134301.jpg
Screenshot 2023-03-02 205253.jpg

Round Weather is honored to host Sholeh Asgary's Audio Archive Booth as part of The Other Side of Time.
She writes, "The experience of diaspora is a series of coverings and uncoverings — much like memory, and this historical moment is uncovering much. The purpose of the Audio Archive Booth is to record stories, reflections, experiences, hopes, dreams, pasts, and futures of the Iranian diaspora."

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